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Hello. We hope that you are familiar with our Snake game. If not, please take a few minutes to get to know it. Below, we explain how you can customize this game and share it using a link or embed it on your website.

You can use the creator below to decide which features should be displayed on the game’s website. You can, for example, hide or show the article, navigation bar, and ads, make the dark mode default, or select the default difficulty level. You can also provide a short message you want to be displayed on the game board to the player during the gameplay. For example, the message can contain a greeting or your brand. Once you customize the game, you can get a link that you may share with others the same way you always share links so they can see the game the way you want them to. Alternatively, you can get a code that you can use to embed the game on your website so that all of your visitors can play Snake while on your website.

There are a few additional options when you create an embed code. For example, you can select the dimensions of the game frame or whether you want to distinguish it from the rest of the page with a border. Once you make the desired changes, you can copy the resulting code and paste it into your website’s HTML. This service is free of charge and has no strings attached. You do not need to ask us for permission to use this game on your website. Our objective is to make the game as popular as possible.

If you are happy with the game, you can place a link on your website that leads to our game so that people know what the source is and who the game creators are. For your convenience, we have made an example of what such a link could look like and placed it in the field below. Putting this link on your website is not mandatory, although we would really appreciate it as it helps to promote our game further.

Please use the creator below to customize your link or embed code. After making changes, click “Apply” to update them. You can see the result of your customizations in the preview far below. If you want the link, copy it from the first field below the creator or click “Follow the link” to open your link in a new browser window and share it from there. If you want the embed code, you must copy it from the second field below the creator.

The Creator

The Link

The Embed Code

The Preview

Thank you for choosing our game!

Contact information

Please let us know if you have any questions. This game was created by the Simiade company. Here is how you can contact us:

Adam Narkiewicz
Plac Bankowy 2
00-095 Warszawa
+48 728235409

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