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About Klondike Solitaire Online

Klondike solitaire, commonly known simply as 'solitaire' is one of the most popular patience games. Solitaires and patience games are card games that can be played by a single player. The Klondike Solitaire became popular in the 19th century during the gold rush in Yukon, a territory in northwest Canada. Although the first solitaire video games date back to 1981, the popular computerized version of Klondike Solitaire was first distributed with the Windows 3.0 operating system in 1990 in order to help people learn how to use mouse to drag-and-drop. It was created by an unpaid intern. Currently, solitaire is a big hindrance to office productivity and is often disabled by local IT staff which forces employees to seek online forms of entertainment during their work time. Enjoy Solitaires Online!

How to play Solitaire?

The game starts with a shuffled deck. The objective is to sort card by suit and number, starting with aces at the bottom and ending with kings at the top. The cards, starting with aces, can be put by the player into the foundation boxes in the top-right corner of the game board. The player moves cards by mouse using the drag-and-drop technique, that is by clicking a card and holding a mouse button while moving mouse together with a card to the new location, where releasing the mouse button releases the card.

If there are no cards to be placed in the foundations, the player can draw a card (or three cards, depending on which variant of the game the player chose) from the stock in the top left corner of the game board or can manipulate cards already on the board. In the traditional Klondike Solitaire, cards on the board are arranged in up to seven columns. Some cards are facing up and some cards are facing down. The cards that are facing up can be moved by a player. Such a card can be moved either to the foundation up top, or to another column together with all cards lying on top of it. A card can be placed on top of another card in any column if and only if it has a number lower by one and a suit of the opposite color to the card it is being placed on.

There are two main ways of scoring in Klondike Solitaire Online. Vegas scoring requires player to invest $52 upfront ($1 for each card; negative amounts are indicated by brackets), and then gives back $5 for each card placed in a foundation. In this type of scoring, the player can go through cards in the stock a limited number of times: one if only one cards is drawn at a time and three if three cards are drawn at a time. Another type of scoring is standard scoring. It simply awards the player points for each move. When using standard scoring, the player can choose to have a timed or untimed game. In the timed game, points are subtracted as the time passes and at the end of the game, a bonus for timely completion is awarded.

Following tips may prove useful. Right-click on a card to send it to a foundation and right-click on the green space below cards to send to foundations all cards that can be sent there.

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